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A huge thank you to the Basic High School Visual Arts team of 
               Alistair Cooper, Chance Oden and Pierre Lucariello!
Palacio, Atarahu Faluma

GREG PALACIO’S ‘BELIZEAN GARIFUNA FOLKLIFE’ Exhibit at City Lights Art Gallery for the month of July.


City Lights Art Gallery presents folklife scenes from a vanishing way of life in Belize by native Garifuna artist, Greg Palacio.


Greg Palacio’s body of work most often reflects the everyday life of his Garifuna people of former British Honduras, Belize.  


Palacio’s unique paintings in watercolor, acrylic, pencil and oil have helped to preserve the Garifuna culture.  Although he most frequently paints the world in which he grew up, his work also includes portraits of Nobel Peace Prize winners and the ills of today’s society.


A Meet the Artist reception is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th from 1 - 4 pm.  The reception will also feature Lirahunu Satuiye, a CA high school musical ensemble performing Belizean music as well as the enticing Belizean cooking of Chef Lally. 


Palacio’s award-winning work is collected by private citizens and prestigious institutions alike.    


Palacio has a B.A. and has plans for a masters’ degree hoping to return to Belize one day to teach art and open an academy for the under-privileged. 


City Lights Artists’ Co-op is very proud to present the unique and purposeful artwork of this talented artist!


See more on Palacio by clicking here.

CHRISTINE IRIARTE NISWONGER's "BLACK and WHITE and RED all over' Exhibit at Crepe Bistro Thru July 7th


Christine Iriarte Niswonger, award winning Basque artist and former college art professor, believes that artists have an obligation to address issues of social consequence and their work must have moral conscience.


Her latest show, “Black and White and Red all over,” concerns the greed, ego, relevance, power and irony of the contemporary newspaper business.


“As a newspaper reporter and editor I experienced firsthand the tremendous power of words, “Niswonger said. “The media has free access to those powerful words. It is an industry virtually unregulated because of constitutional rights and with tremendous potential for abuse of that power.”


The series will be on display at Crepe Bistro, 420 S. Rampart #150,Tivoli Village, Summerlin, from June 23 through July 7, and includes full color etchings of newspaper images, headlines, typographic details and internal memos, all combined in interesting combinations.


According to Niswonger, this series of work addresses moral and cultural issues, including business ethics and the dumbing-down of America’s newspapers.


The artist will be available to discuss her work at Crepe Bistro on July 1, at 5 p.m. 


For more information about the artwork currently on display at Crepe Bistro including prices, please CLICK HERE.


City Lights is incredibly proud to announce that ALL NEW original artwork by City Lights Co-op members is now on display on the 1st floor of Henderson City Hall!  




Bob O'Neill, Instructor 


Oil painting classes will be available Mondays from 10 am - 1 pm beginning April 13th.       




Bob has been painting with oils for over 40 years.  He loves to paint semi-realism ... 'semi' because he doesn't paint every brick or leaf, leaving the viewer to fil in the blanks.


Using an unusual method of applying paint to a canvas with a semi-dry brush in black (never using black out of a tube), he advises that it's much like applying charcoal excep tyou have the benefit of applying white to have complete control of your values.  Color will then be applied in thin layers for a brilliant finish.


Enjoy exploring this new technique and much more!

Please reserve a space with Bob by calling City Lights at 702.260.0300 or calling Bob at 702.496.2955.


 The fee for the 3-hour class is $20.00

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