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City Lights is incredibly proud to announce that ALL NEW original artwork by City Lights Co-op members is now on display on the 1st floor of Henderson City Hall!  


Please mark your calendars to join us at the Opening Reception on April 21st at 5:30 when we will also have an exhibit featuring student artwork from Coral Academy of Science and Basic High School!



New Member, DANO, and his 'CAPTIVATING' Exhibit at Crepe Bistro Thru April 28th

City Lights Art Gallery is proud to announce a two week exhibit by photographer artist, DANO at the Crepe Bistro, 420 S Rampart #150 in Tivoli Village, Summerlin.


A self taught photographer, DANO's choice of subject matter is diverse from landscapes to portraits and more.  He loves employing photo effects to take his subject to a new level, a new style.  However, he states, "more important than 'style' is being aware of the literal nature of the image I see and striving to go beyond that in an aesthetic sense to create a captivating image."   


DANO is inspired and grateful to Jillian V and Sarah Jane Woodall for their support in honing his skills.   


DANO is a new member of City Lights Artists' Co-op, a 501 (c)3 organization focused on providing art scholarships to local students. 


For more information about the artwork currently on display at Crepe Bistro, please CLICK HERE.

TOMMY TUCKER’S ‘WILD WORLD’ Exhibit to benefit Cystic Fibrosis at City Lights Art Gallery for the month of April.


City Lights Art Gallery, 3 E. Army Street, Henderson, NV presents the unique and thought provoking work of artist, Tommy Tucker, in the “Tommy Tucker’s Wild World” Exhibit during the month of April.


A respected artist and sign painter, with over 30 years in the motion picture industry, Tucker enjoys working in many mediums including, oil, acrylic, watercolor and drawing.  His pencil works often feature detailed geometric shapes that create an illusion.  All of his work carries meaning on many levels. 


A Meet the Artist reception is scheduled for Friday, April 10th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm that includes a silent auction to benefit both the City Lights Scholarship Fund and Cystic Fibrosis.  Tucker lost his 9-year old daughter to cystic fibrosis in 1987 and is committed to continuing to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  


Tucker is a member of City Lights Artists’ Co-op (currently serving as Vice-President) as well as the Boulder City Art Guild and City of the World Galleries with work on display in each location.  You can also see his creativity at the Boulder City Antique Market and Goat Feathers in Boulder City.   Tucker’s work can also be found online at and


'Rising' by Chris Mazglad




Along with the work of featured artist, Tommy Tucker, see ALL NEW artwork throughout our gallery.  Our members have been busy and we are delighted to hang the new work of over 20 artists.  

Check out the latest news about us and our ongoing artistic projects.



Bob O'Neill, Instructor 


Oil painting classes will be available Mondays from 10 am - 1 pm beginning April 13th.       




Bob has been painting with oils for over 40 years.  He loves to paint semi-realism ... 'semi' because he doesn't paint every brick or leaf, leaving the viewer to fil in the blanks.


Using an unusual method of applying paint to a canvas with a semi-dry brush in black (never using black out of a tube), he advises that it's much like applying charcoal excep tyou have the benefit of applying white to have complete control of your values.  Color will then be applied in thin layers for a brilliant finish.


Enjoy exploring this new technique and much more!

Please reserve a space with Bob by calling City Lights at 702.260.0300 or calling Bob at 702.496.2955.


 The fee for the 3-hour class is $20.00

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 City Lights ARTTrain Scholarship Goal Achieved ! 


It was an unforgettable evening on the Nevada Southern Railway’s Boulder Branch Line including beautiful weather and the artwork of more than 20 local artists.  


Most importantly, we achieved our goal of funding our scholarships for 2015.  A HUGE thank you to our guests and their generosity!

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